running again?

ran two miles tonight and walk/ran 2 yesterday, this is news only because it’s as rare as a blue moon (which we had yesterday)



Ok, so I went to the Wake County Library at their booksale in November. I was lucky when I got there, about an hour before it started, and made it in to the sake in the first round. (I found out later that when you leave, you had to get back in line.) I had no idea it was like getting to see Elvis. I thought I would pull up, snag a few books, and leave. The sale was in an old Winn-Dixie and took up every bit of available space in the store. There may have been hundreds of thousands of books in there.

I hit my usual haunts: chess books that sit around and wait for me to decipher them biographies of Lincoln that I usually read and always find something new, big, fat books that look impressive and sometimes get read but usually get interruptedby another big fat book that gets interrupted by another……vicious cycle of reading.

This sale is big – like bring a shopping cart big and have someone to pull it. What I saw that disturbed me was the several people I saw with handheld scanners; obviously scouring the racks for books to sell and not books to read. Blasphemy! Books for profit? We literary types are above that!

Fast foreword a few months and move to the attic. Christmastime and the tree and everything else is in the attic – in the back. How this ties into the books is that I found several books that  I didn’t know I had so I put them on Amazon. Low and behold, a few sold. (I priced them cheap; they were a windfall afterall.)

On to the blue room. The blue room is were anything that doesn’t have a place now has a place, i.e., junkroom. Found some textbooks, put them on Amazon, priced them low but not cheap. (Textbooks is another rant for another day. remind me. ) Bam! sold! made a few hundred dollars – minus the commissions and mailing supplies. This is starting to look pretty good.

Now there’s one problem: most of my sellable stuff  has sold. (Does anybody need a copy of March to Folly by Tuchman? Goes for about a dollar on eBay. Good read.) My thoughts go back to those sinners (ok, naybe sinners is too harsh — and maybe they were on to something.)

more when I know it…….